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Wood Or Composite Pickleball Paddle: Which Material You Actually Need?

Pickleball players are constantly looking for new and fresh paddles that will help them improve the game, reach higher goals and defeat the opponents. It is a competitive and fast game which is determined by your skill level and the paddle you use. A picky pickle ball paddle must be precisely as you want. At the end of a day, the most important factor is the material used for making that paddle. There are two main types and we will explain both of them.

Wood: Common and affordable

Pickleball paddles made of wood are the most common and the most affordable of them all. They are also reasonably lightweight, but not as much as another type we will discuss. All of this makes them an ideal choice for players who play this game occasionally.

If you are considering a large number of paddles, you will definitely have to consider models made of wood. They are simply the best value for money and nowadays is easy to get impressive deals which will meet your requirements.

However, these paddles are heavier and they are more complicated to use, especially when you are trying to spin the ball. That’s why we believe that beginners and those who play the sport occasionally will be the most satisfied owners of wooden pickleball paddles. If you are a professional or planning to become one, the second type is more preferable.

Composite paddles: Professional and good-looking

Composite paddles are completely different beasts. They are made of hard-core material, which can be aluminum, Nomex or a polymer and each material is known for its strength. Then, they are layered with a fiberglass or a cartoon. Some models are even layered with graphite.

When it comes to weight, they are usually lighter than those made of solid wood. The weight is between 6 and 9 ounces. This made them the ultimate choice for all of you who like fast-pace playing.

Thanks to the surface material, these paddles are also much better for those who like moves such as spinning the ball. It is basically much easier to get the desired effect than when using a paddle made of wood. Considering all of the above, these paddles are great for professional players or those who are addicted to the sport.

Of course, the price is higher and these paddles are reserved for players who want the ultimate tools in order to get their victory. Don’t forget that they can last longer than wooden models and they usually look and feel much better. They are gaining popularity as we speak.


It is essential to choose a pickleball paddle that meets your requirements. Luckily most of you will get the job done by choosing the main material used in the manufacturing process. It looks simple because it is and it will significantly reflect on your game. Try a high-end paddle once you have a chance and you will see that your game is much better.