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Truly mobile and nomadic lifestyle blogs need solid gold hosting

When I first started laptoptravel.com, I really did not know what to do. All I knew what I wanted to quit my job in the United States and see the world. It has been 14 years and I have lived all over the place. In fact, if you were to spin a globe and outside of North Korea, chances are I have lived there either for a few weeks or better yet a few years. Go ahead, spin the globe, or load up an online map of the world using google maps.

Close your eyes and randomly point to any one spot of the globe. If you hit some sort of ocean or body of water, move your finger to the nearest body of land. Chances are I have been there. In fact, the chance of me having lived there at some point within the past 14 years is roughly around 60%. That’s quite a high percentage because I have been quite the nomadic busy person. I have gone from point A to point B in the most epic way.

In fact, lot of my friends have considered me crazy because I backpack through Mexico all the way to Central America finding my way to the tip of the Straits of Magellan and guess what Argentina. That is quite a trek and that is not a short journey. It is also filled with all sorts of thrills, chills, and spills. If you don’t believe people get killed in certain parts of Central America. Of course, a lot of this is drug related, a lot of this is related to some sort of crime but that is exactly the kind of risk that I have faced to truly live out the laptoptravel lifestyle. This is no joke to me. This is not a phase. This is not a fad.

To me, this is really the fulfillment of lifelong dream of seeing the world not on some tourist bus or some sort of package tour but on foot. This is why I have learnt Spanish, I have learnt German. It really is one of most amazing experiences in my life, I would not trade it for anything in the world. With that said, I wanted to share this experience with the rest of the world and this is where I keep running into problems. It turns out that travelogues and travel blogs have special hosting requirements. Who knew?

I thought you’re just posting stuff online. I thought you only needed to download and install word press and all your blogging problems magically go away. Well, that’s how I thought until it dawned on me that a lot of people actually wanted to see my videos. Lot of people, it turns out, wanted to see me go from point A to point B and this is where my website started to slow to a crawl. In fact, if I did not take matters into my own hands and invested in sort of gold hosting, my website, which makes over $5000 a month in passive income would have gone up in smoke.

In other words, it would have yet become another sad and sorry internet statistic. It would have become another failure and the worst part to all of this as if to add insult to injury is that would have become a victim of its own success. Thankfully, things did not take that turn and I was able to turn things around before things got worse. What did I do? Well, it was actually quite simple.

I learned how the figure out the very best hosting. Finding solid gold hosting is actually not that hard. What’s the secret? I learnt to read reviews the right way.

Understand what goes into truly trustworthy website hosting by learning the ins and outs of a bluehost review.

That’s it. Read reviews about one of the most solid hosting service on the planet bluehost and you would have everything you need to cross reference, compare, slice and dice and size up all these different hosting companies.

It doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be overly technical. You just have to know what to look at and how to compare different companies with each other.