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PS4 HDD Upgrade Guide: Setting up an External Hard Drive

When the PS4 was launched initially, 500GB worth of storage capacity seemed perfect. It eventually turned out not to be, however, with game file sizes increasing at a fair rate of knots. Take, for instance, Red Dead Redemption 2, which needs a large 99GB of storage space whether the game is on disc or you have the digital version. And, if you eventually download it, you will have to look for an additional 50GB for the setting-up process. This PS4 hard drive guide gives you information on how to upgrade your PS4 HDD.

Even when you own the improved version of the PS4 Pro or the PS4, every one with 1TB drives, they will have problems. And, even with the quickest internet speeds you can get, you will not want to remove and reinstall games frequently.

Thankfully, there are two alternatives for improving the storage space on your PS4 Pro or PS4. One is extremely easy; the other is a bit more difficult. They both function very well although they are not too expensive.

The simplest way to improve the PS4 storage, whether it is the original model, a PS4 Pro or a 2016 refresh, is to include a USB 3.0 hard drive in your installation.

Any USB 3.0 drive will perform the job and the PS4 supports drives of about 8TB in size.

To get your external hard drive to function with your PS4, just connect it into any of the three USB 3.0 ports. We selected one of the ports behind to keep it away.

You will have to move to the Settings menu in the bid to format the drive to function as external storage. Head to Devices, then to USB Storage Devices. You would see the new drive showing on the next page.

Click on it and you will get to a page with a box that states “Format and Extended Storage”. Click on that, wait for a short period and then the drive will be ready to work.

The PlayStation4 will immediately set your outer drive to be the default to set up games on.

If you want to make use of your internal drive instead, return to the Settings menu, move to Storage and select Options. You will have the alternative to select between the external and internal drive as the game set up location.

For an internal drive upgrade, if you decide to go for a hard drive with the exact RPM such as the one that came with the device in the first place you will not actually notice a great deal of performance increase.

We were not targeting speed, however (for that you can go for a 7200RPMdrive in place if you are willing to splash a little more money) and just having that additional storage space is creating a world of difference for our gaming lives.

If we are being true to ourselves, you are best advised to opt for an external drive, taking note of the fact that that is pretty easy and comparatively affordable nowadays. But if you actually want to improve your system, you may need to add a faster, new internal drive too at a certain point.