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Learn to shop for deer decoys on huntspot like you would for a new laptop

I have been a very big hunter for a long time and one thing is notice is that my kill efficiency, in other words the amount of time I spend hunting deer and actually nailing one improved dramatically when I learned the power of decoys. You have to understand that with hunting it’s the chase that is the most fun.

Anybody can pull a trigger, anybody can gut a deer, anybody can eat deer meat. A lot of people think that these activities are what make hunting fun. No, they are not. They are the after effect. They are the nice little extra gravy on top of the mashed potatoes with the side of chicken that constitutes hunting. No, that’s the extra stuff. What really makes hunting so much fun, so unique, and ultimately so sublime is the chase.

Because at any given point in time, the deer that you’re hunting might go away. It might just completely disappear like a ghost and you’re left holding an empty bag. It’s that element of risk of coming home empty handed that makes hunting so much more meaningful, personal, and important and it really is a battle of wits. Lot of people are under the impression that deer are somehow brainless and stupid animals.

These people need to think again because deer can be really crafty. They can definitely be quite resourceful because let me tell you it takes quite a bit of resourcefulness and cleverness to escape hunters armed with high-caliber, high-powered rifles who are out to shoot you. You have to outthink them. It is not just a question of outrunning them or diving under the right bush. You have to do the right things at the right time at the right sequence to produce the right effects. That’s a lot of planning.

That takes a lot of experience. We have noticed that it is very hard to bag an older male deer because these are geniuses. They learn from their mistakes. In may cases, they have seen these mistakes committed by other deer and they only need to see it once to learn from them. That’s how solid they are and that’s why it’s quite a trophy for you to come home with a mature male deer.

This is where I learned about deer decoys on huntspot. As awesome as these older male deer are in terms of picking up new information, they are suckers for deer decoys. If you use the right decoys at the right spot, at the right time with the right sequence of actions, you will bag yourself a mature male deer. In other words, you will bag yourself quite a status symbol among your fellow hunters and it all boils down to using the right decoys the right way.