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If you are traveling, you need the right solar generator

I know that sounds crazy but if you are somebody who makes money through the Internet and you’re basically living out of your laptop, you need to think about getting a solar generator. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes. You might even be looking at the screen not believing what you’re reading.

Why would anybody in the right mind lug around a solar generator? I mean, it’s not like these things are the size of a postage stamp. It’s not like these things cost and weigh no more than your typical laptop or notebook computer. What’s going on? What’s the big deal about this type of equipment anyways? Well, let’s get one thing clear.

If you are making money off the Internet and you’ve created all sorts of websites that produce a very decent income every month, you have probably traveled extensively. I know the first time I set up AdSense pages all over the Internet covering all sorts of niches, I decided to travel all fifty states. It took me about a year and a half, but I was able to pull it off.

Of course, I’m not the type who would go to one state, stay there for a couple of days and then move on to the next state. I’m the type of person who would like to savor where I am, and that’s why it took me that long.

However, it was definitely a trip of a lifetime but, sure enough, the passive income kept going, and I didn’t need to get a 9-to-5 job so, again, I lived out the laptop-travel lifestyle and moved to Southeast Asia. I stayed there for a couple of years moving from country to country. It’s an amazing thing.

However, this is where the solar generator and solar power issue comes up. It would be great if you are traveling across cosmopolitan areas. In fact, in many places in the world, even if you are living in the capital city, 24/7 365 power, and I’m talking about electrical power, is still not guaranteed.

You have to understand that’s just a part of life. I mean let’s get really here. Even in certain parts of the United States, you’re not guarantee consistent power. In fact, in certain parts of the United States, the power company will not put up lines because it just doesn’t make any economic sense. What are you going to do in that situation?

This is where a solar generator comes in, and the great thing about this piece of equipment is that it doesn’t really weigh all that much. Sure, it’s still around 20 pounds, but it’s manageable. It’s not like you’re bringing around some sort of tabletop or some sort of refrigerator door. It comes at a fairly decent weight.

Also, solar generator technology now is evolving so fast that they’ve become lighter yet they produce a tremendous amount of energy. In other words, you get the best of both worlds.

While we’re still not quite there as far as getting a huge amount of electricity with as little sun as possible for as little dollars as possible, we’re definitely taking steps in the right direction. I would suggest that you get yourself one of these units store it away if you are traveling, and then when you find yourself in a country with a nice coastline line but very few power lines, you might want to whip out your solar generator.

This is the essence of real laptop traveling. A real laptop nomad does not let something like a lack of electricity get in the way. Do you see how this works? It’s all about freedom. It’s all about a range of options so you have to give yourself that option. Come prepared.