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Enjoy your blogging trip to Romania by looking up restaurante nunti Bucuresti

One of the great things about passive income blogging is that you get a tremendous amount of freedom. Think about it. Unlike “real” work where you have to show up physically at a specific place, trap yourself in some sort of cubicle box for eight hours and then you get paid for those eight hours. That’s how most people ear their daily bread.

If they don’t show up in that cubicle prison for the designated time, they don’t make the designated amount of money. Pretty straightforward, very simple, not rocket science.

The problem is this gets old really quickly. You’re basically selling your time, and you might be thinking that your time is neither here nor there because everybody has time.

Well, you might want to think again because your time is actually your most important possession. You need to guard it with your soul because regardless of what you devote your time to, it will grow.

If you don’t believe me, invest time in your body. Show up at a gym on time every single day. Go through a workout routine. Do it every single day. Invest two to three hours every single day and what will happen to you? Not only would you lose weight, but you would look better, you would look younger and you would feel more energized, and people would probably find you very attractive. That’s how it works!

If you’re not the physical type, invest time in your mind. If you read books day after day, and you watch YouTube video analysis of those books, and you engage people in productive conversations regarding ideas, people start thinking that you’re an expert. People start following you or admiring you for your imagination, creativity and your expertise and credibility.

How do you think experts arise? They didn’t come out of nowhere. They definitely did not fall into your lap. They spent time to craft their expertise.

My point is whatever you pour your time into, grows. It was a shame for me to pour all my time into a 9-to-5 job.

What I did was I created these blog posts, and I just worked on them once. I worked on them intensively. I packed as much information and value into each of them, and I made sure that they were very easy to read by ensuring that they were written in plain English. Fast forward to today and people still flock to those pages. So, I worked once but those pages make money many times over.

That’s the world of passive income. You don’t work to earn money. When you work and then you stop, you still keep earning money. There’s nothing better than that situation. That’s why I was able to pretty much travel all over the world.

One of these blogging trips that I took brought me to Romania. Romania is really awesome. It used to be called Transylvania. If that place name sounds familiar, think Dracula. This is all historical fact because there was a Romanian ruler named Dracul, and his historical name was Vlad Tepes.

The Legend of  Dracula became popular because Vlad Tepes, as my local Romanian guide explained to me, made it a point to wage psychological warfare on the Moslems Turks invading Transylvania at that time. He would impale them. This got into the minds of his enemies so they did not try to mess with Vlad Tepes. Apparently, it worked.

Romania is full of such amazing lore. it really is a very historical place. It also has awesome food so if you’re looking for your next hot blogging trip, definitely check out Romania. It has a lot of surprises. In particular, look up restaurante nunti Bucuresti. You’d be blown away.