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This website came about because one of its founders travels the world constantly.  In fact, as of this writing, he is currently in the Philippines doing some BPO deals.  As a veteran traveler who consistently logs tens of thousands of miles every single year; he found out that some of his laptops cannot withstand the travel lifestyle.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they, somehow, someway broke a part or started disintegrating; instead, he is talking about how easy they were to use, as well as the overall value that he was getting.  Keep in mind that the typical laptop actually has many bells and whistles.  You are buying after all a package of features.  When you use the laptop continuously, it starts to dawn on you that you are only using a very tiny fraction of all the features that you are using.

So, it turns out that you pay top dollar for essentially only a small limited range of features.  The whole driving force behind laptop travel is the whole concept of total use value.  In other words, for every dollar you spend on a product, try to maximize the amount of times you are going to use it.  This is pretty straight forward where a lot of people can see the value in this because it does offer black and white impression of whether you are getting the value you expected from a product or you are simply just paying for features that you rarely use; or worse yet, you are paying for something that really doesn’t deliver over the long haul, as a result, you out quite a bit of money; regardless of the fact that you are actually paying very little for the product.

Please understand that in many cases, the price tag on a product has a little to do with the total value it brings to the table.  Just because a product sells less than a $100 doesn’t automatically mean you have to pick it up because it may not be able to deliver the value you expect and deserve.  We understand all of these.

We, also are very wary of the all too common scenario of people buying a product for a specific range of features and the product comes with all these other features just to justify a higher price tag. Fluff is all too common in the make money online niche and it is destroying the industry with an overabundance of hype and big talk and a scarcity of results. We don’t play such games here. We also don’t play the guru card. How many gurus have you heard of? How many of them talk a good game but are all of a sudden scarce when the discussion turns to results?

We are sick and tire of their games; we understand how things work and that’s why you can trust us to feature only the very best laptops that deliver solid value with none of the fluff, none of the filler, and none of the value wasters that have so consistently disappointed you in the past.  We can assure you that our product line here only delivers solid value.